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Here are some of the gems from the Internet that I have found this week….

We are THAT Family: Fifty Parenting Ideas You won’t Regret (50 great ideas for building your relationship with your kids. This is a post to bookmark, print out, memorize, etc ….)

USAToday: Pastor Rick Warren Born Again to Healthier Living (interesting info on Saddleback’s new healthy lifestyle ministry called The Daniel Plan)

Yahoo! : 15 Ways to Reduce Consumption of Single Use Plastic (Quick and simple ideas for reducing your use of consumer plastic)



If you’re looking for some fun with your kids, Amanda Bennett has her Unit Study on the London Olympics on sale this week, click HERE for more info!

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WFMW: Kitchen Trash Bowl

Rachel Ray's Gallon Trash Bowls

All the best cooks have one …


Paula Dean

Rachel Ray

Yes …. a counter-top trash bowl.

What is it? It’s just a bowl. Nothing fancy. But this bowl serves as your receptacle for little peels, scraps, ends, and such while you’re cooking. I also use it for cleaning off dishes after the meal. It usually stays out on the counter the entire day.

Time is a precious commodity for this Mom and so any tool that actually saves me time …. I’m all for it!

Some common questions you might have …

Does it stink? No. Items are not in the bowl long enough to develop an odor.

Doesn’t a trash bowl clutter your counter? Slightly, but to pull out my trash can and put it in the middle of my working area would clutter it up even more.

Does it really save time? Most definitely! If you figure that each trip to the trash in my house takes about 15 seconds and multiply that by the number of trips I might take in a meal and the following clean up and you start saving minutes.

An added bonus, if you compost, then you can keep those natural items all together and take them right out to your compost bin at the end of the day or meal.

If you don’t have one, you probably will wonder why I’m raving about the wonders of a kitchen trash bowl.

I challenge you …. Try it for one day and you’ll understand.

Some Links:

A Floral Trash Bowl from Ebay

Rachel Ray’s Trash Bowl

For other great ideas, join Kristen Welch over at

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