WFMW: Hide those Ugly Utility Shelves

Entryway Shelf Unit - BEFORE

I’m not really proud of the fact that I have a large utility shelf in my entryway.

I will readily admit it.

This “beauty” originally lived in our outside storage. Last summer, when we built permanent shelves, this unit became homeless. Ultimately, we planned for it to go in our attic. While it was waiting for a “lift”, it hung out near our front door.

After a few days, I discovered the wonder of having this shelf where it was. Shoe baskets now had a home. Items that needed to be delivered had a place to reside. On Sunday mornings, all of our Bibles and bags could gather together, ready to go out the door.

I started a closet rearranging project and found that there were boxes of pictures I needed to go through.

Where to put them, though?  *hmmm*


The kids outdoor equipment?

You guessed it?

On the shelf.

All of this was fabulous. It looked, however, HIDEOUS.

I imagined greeting our guests, “Welcome to our home! Won’t you come in! Oh, don’t mind all the stuff right here that you’re walking past. It’s just all our stuff. Don’t mind that!”

That was NOT going to work.

A middle of the night *EUREKA* helped me to discover the amazing solution.

Voila ….

Entryway Shelf - AFTER

Target shower curtain: $25

Target shower curtain Hooks: $10

TOTAL: $35

Time needed: 15 min.

A beautiful, easy, quick, and versatile solution.

I will readily admit that you can do this MUCH cheaper than I did. This shower curtain happens to perfectly match the curtains in our living room, so I knew that I had to go with it. This specific curtain also complements the theme colors of our house. You could easily pick up fabric or a curtain from your local thrift store. They also tend to have curtain hooks, or you could use some cute ribbon.

I imagine you could use this same idea in bedrooms, playrooms, school rooms, and kitchens.

This setup gives me great flexibility. During the week, I can move the curtain to one side and we can easily access the stuff. It only takes a minute to hide it in the evening when Dad comes home, or when we are entertaining.

Another great perk, I still retain the flexibility of each item. The shelves can still go up to the attic one day, or even outside in storage if they need to. The shower curtain may one day go back to being a shower curtain. Who knows!

This definitely WORKS FOR ME!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dreifuss
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 11:02:05

    Those shelves are the perfect union of functionality and form, now that you’ve upgraded them. Well done, my love!


  2. Heidi
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 06:55:07

    Thank you for sharing! I recently had this idea. Seeing that it actually works and looks great has inspired me. Bargain hunting for shower curtain and hooks, I go!


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